Colorado Turf Guys provides installation and maintenance services for all types of artificial turf.

Thinking about installing new artificial turf? Allow us to assist with your lawn, pet area, play space, or even your brand-new putting green.

Do you already own artificial turf? Our services can ensure it remains in top condition and smells fresh. Protect your investment with our regular service plans. Consistent maintenance is crucial for maximizing the lifespan of your artificial turf. Our expert teams are equipped to clear away leaves, dog hair, and other debris. They'll rejuvenate grass blades that have been flattened by winter snow or frequent use. Additionally, we offer eco-friendly cleaning solutions to sanitize and freshen up pet zones. Our maintenance extends to putting greens, which are improved with surface rolling and hole cup adjustments.

Artificial Turf for Lawns

Save water, time and money with an artificial turf lawn.  We live in a dry climate and water is valuable -- why dump thousands of gallons on grass that wouldn't grow here naturally?  Why not spend your valuable time enjoying your lawn instead of working on it?  Most property owners are truly shocked when they consider the costs that go into maintaining a natural lawn -- water bills, irrigation repairs, winterizing, fertilizing. mowing and resodding after water restrictions all make natural lawns more expensive than artificial turf over time.

Artificial Turf for Pet Areas

Do you love your pup, but hate the mud and dead grass that they bring inside your home?  Are you tired of the dead spots in your grass or even the bare dirt if your lawn is completely destroyed?  Turf can be a great solution. 

Artificial Turf for Play

Artificial turf is excellent for intensive-use areas.  Playgrounds, sports fields, Bocce courts, putting greens and chipping mats from artificial turf all can add value to your property.  Add entertainment to your outdoor space with areas dedicated for play and relaxation. 

Existing Turf Maintenance

Service Packages

Protect your investment and keep your artificial turf looking like the day it was installed. We recommend performing this service annually to maximize both the life and the appearance of your turf.


Debris Removal
Weed Removal
500 square feet included
$0.50/sf over 500 sq. ft.
Artificial turf is excellent for pet areas, but can be problematic if not maintained properly. Dog hair and debris can clog and slow drainage. Slow drainage can produce an unsanitary and stinky lawn area.


Hair and Debris Removal
Weed Removal
Disinfect & Deodorize
500 square feet included
$0.70/sf over 500 sq. ft.